This is the new shit, same as the old shit

So a few days ago my old computer (old in the relative sense, i only bought it 4 years ago) crapped out. I knew it was coming, lots of suspicious signs cropped up and im pretty sure that I got some kind of uber-hacker-virus-trojan-warrior thingy from downloading music. Ive always been conflicted about downloading music, its always felt like stealing and, generally, if it feels like it, then it is.

I cant accept the argument that its OK to steal music because music companies are bad guys, this is probably true but regardless of the source, stealing shit is still stealing. And if buddhism has taught me anything its that we refrain from stealing not because its bad for whoever we steal from (though it is, of course) but because its bad for US! So I rationalised it this way, I downloaded songs, many that are unavailible anywhere for purchase as if I was making a mix tape on my computer. Making mix CD’s is actually expressly allowed by the various record companies as long as you are not selling the result. Therefore, i told myself, i wasnt stealing. Apparently my karma felt differently.

Anyhizzle, I got a new computer. its shiny, its pretty, its fast, and it has windows vista. So far I have not encountered a single one of the heinous things that apple implies im doomed to suffer with vista. I must commend the eggheads at apple though, they managed to make one giant multinational corporate behemoth look more appitising than the other multinational corporate behomoth. Being ‘really into” apple is like being “really into” pepsi instead of coke. If you want to be a real rebel you’d drink water instead (linux box?) not that I love micro-soft, in fact I dont really love any product or producer of a product, it seems like a waste of emotion to get wound up over a faceless entity as if it was a best buddy.

Cara and I got a lovely visit from out besties Erica, Jamie, and Renee from Delta Pa./Marylands ass-backward woods. We hung out, i tattooed Ericas neck, we ate ethiopian food and had a real blast with them fools.

I also got to work on my Buddy Chris backpiece. its a huge dragon and it hurts the poor guy like a motherfucker so we are taking it in bite sized chunks. I like to hang with Chris, hes very levelheaded and smart, it doesnt hurt that hes a buddha boy too, its nice having friends you dont need to put on a front for.

Lastly, a big thanks to Mike B-Man for the books, I use them almost everyday and I owe you some ink for that one brother!

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3 thoughts on “This is the new shit, same as the old shit

  1. more than likely, if you ever viewed ANY porn or commerce sites, that you got the virus there and not from music downloads.

    I don’t listen to mainstream music very often, so I know for a fact that many of the artists whose music I download are in favor of it happening, and some even promote their shows that way…so I have good karma despite my enormous collecction of free and awesome tunes

  2. PS, I use vista, XP, red hat, and ubuntu (two dual-boot systems) and I’ve actually found that vista, with the proper tweaking, is totally awesome.

  3. Mike

    I’ve been running vista for a year now. I have never had a problem. if you ever work a convention or do a guest spot in Los Angeles let me know. I will cook up a fine meal.

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