People aint no good.

“You know good ,
You know good,
You know good
and well it’s true.
They never do what you want ’em too.
Cuz people ain’t no good.

They’re no good on weekends.
 When they come out to
play. They’re no good for bookends.
 Cuz you can’t make ’em stay…hey!

 People ain’t no good.
People ain’t no good.
They never do what I think they should.
So people ain’t no good.

 Yeah people are just a waste.
They’re all over the place.
Ya see ’em everywhere ya go.
 And I don’t like their face.

And people don’t like me.
Why I sure don’t know.
But even a jerk like you could see.
It’s obviously

People ain’t no good.
People ain’t no good.
They never do what I think they should.
So people ain’t no good.
They always get some smile.
They always stand like this.
They always tell ya who is what.
Well what I say is this.

People aint no good!”

‘People Aint no Good’ by the Cramps

We walk such a fine line, its seldom noticed, but always present, that line. In a world that tells us that the extremes are the only way to go it seems so counterintuitive to walk the middle of the path that I sometimes feel guilty. Even the phrase “to play it safe” is meant derogatively most of the time. As if a life not lived swerving from one drastic thing to another is not worth living.

I read a lot of posts and talk to a lot of tattooers, so many of us seem so angry, so dissatisfied with the world that I wonder if anything would make them (us) happy. We are full of judgements and recrimination and yet most of our dislikes are directd at the phantom “THEM”, the boogey-man of the immoral, talentless tattooer that are, in reality so few and far between as to have almost no real effect on what we do. For every basment scratcher there are hundreds and hundreds of talented tattooers who eat, sleep, and sweat tattooing as much (or more) than ourselves! In my own short 11 or so years of pushing the pins the bar for what is even considered a mediocre tattoo has been raised exponentially. The quality and dedication to cleanlieness and artistic advancement are at a level that tattooing has never, ever seen before and yet to hear us talk you would think we are in the dark ages.

I suppose its human nature to assume that what we are currently living through is the worst-time-ever. I recall reading once in a book that an older person wrote to a friend complaining “Kids these days are completely irresponsible, all they want to do is dress up, listen to music, and waste their lives”, it wasnt written lat year or in the 1950’s, it was written in 120 a.d. in a letter from one Roman senator to another. It seems that we never tire of telling ourselves that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket. Why?

Personally, I think its because the world never ever seems to act the way we wish it would,the way we are convinced it should. No matter how jaded or cynical the person, at the core of their misery is the secret belief that IF ONLY people would do what the cynic thinks they should that everything would be wonderful. We spend so much time and effort being upset that things didnt go the way we KNOW they SHOULD go that it exasperates us. “HOW?” we think “Can everyone miss what is SO obvious to ME!?” And of course, everyone else is thinking the same thing.

The fact remains that there is only one thing in the world we have the power to affect that drastically. Ourselves. You cant make other people respect the same things you do nor can you make them behave the way you believe is correct, all you can do is decide to be mad about it or not. Fortuneately, when you stop stressing over who is doing what you suddenly find that not only do you cease being bitter and exhausted by all that impotent anger, but that the world seems so much less hostile that you dont even care about the silly shit that drove you crazy before.

And it is silly. I apologise if it is your pet peeve that there are tattoo tv shows or young kids who dont know who bert grimm was tattooing or chinese companies making your needles, but at the end of the day, really. . . honestly. . . it doesnt mean a fiddlers fart. All these “problems” are really luxuries, we dont have to go 5 miles to get semi-clean drinking water nor do we have to worry about our kids starving or dying of aids simply because we are too poor to buy food and medicine, so instead we worry about whether some tattooer on TV acts the way we think they should. Its a luxury.

I read a great quote a decade ago and it hit me so squarely that I was forced to see my own self-pitying bullshit for what it was, its this one

“People who are looking to be offended are rarely ever disappointed.”

At that point I knew that the ball was, and always had been, squarely in my court. If you want to be miserable and offended then you will be. If you want to be happy and see the big picture, the good news is that you will be then, too.

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